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  Siemens Sentron Air Circuit Breakers. 3WL air circuit breakers/ non-automatic air circuit breakers up to 6300 A (AC), IEC, 3WL non-automatic air circuit breakers up to 4000 A (DC), 3KC ATC5300 transfer control device.  

Siemens Sentron Molded Case Circuit Breakers. 3VL molded case circuit breakers up to 1600 A, IEC, 3KC ATC5300 transfer control device.

  Siemens Sentron Miniature Circuit Breakers. 5SL miniature circuit breakers, 5SY and 5SP miniature circuit breakers, 5SJ6. . .-.KS miniature circuit breakers, with plug-in terminals, 5SY miniature circuit breakers, 1+N in 1 M, Additional components, Busbars, 5SJ4 . . . - . HG miniature circuit breakers acc. to UL 489 and IEC, and accessories, SHU 5SP3 main miniature circuit breakers, 5SK9 circuit breaker terminals.  
  Siemens Sentron Residual Current Protective Devices. 5SM3 RCCBs, SIQUENCE, 5SM3 and 5SU1 universal current-sensitive RCCBs, type B and type B+, Additional components, 5SM2 RC units, 5SU1 RCBOs, Busbars, 5SM1 and 5SZ9 RCCB socket outlets, Accessories, Residual-current operated circuit breakers.  
  Siemens Sentron Fuse Systems. NEOZED fuse systems, DIAZED fuse systems, Cylindrical fuse systems, Class CC fuse systems, Busbar systems, LV HRC fuse system, SITOR semiconductor fuses, Photovoltaic fuses.  
  Siemens Sentron Overvoltage Protection Devices. 5SD7 lightning arresters, type 1, 5SD7 combination surge arresters, type 1 and type 2, 5SD7 surge arresters, type 2, 5SD7 surge arresters, type 3, Accessories for surge arresters, 5SD7 surge arresters for measuring and control technology.  
  Siemens Sentron Switch Disconnectors. 3LD main control and EMERGENCY-STOP switches up to 250 A, 5TE1 switch disconnectors up to 200 A, 3KA, 3KE switch disconnectors up to 1000 A, 3VT switch disconnectors up to 1600 A, 3KL switch disconnectors with fuses up to 800 A, 3KM switch disconnectors with fuses and isolating plug connector up to 400 A, 8UC7 door-coupling rotary operating mechanisms, 3NJ62 in-line switch disconnectors with fuses up to 630 A, 3NP1 fuse switch disconnectors up to 630 A, 3NP5 fuse switch disconnectors up to 630 A, 3NJ4, 3NJ5 in-line fuse switch disconnectors up to 2000 A.  
  Siemens Sentron Switching Devices. 5TE8 control switches, 5TE4 pushbuttons, 5TE5 light indicators, 5TE ON/OFF switches, 5TE DC isolators, Busbars for 5ST modular installation devices, 5TT4 remote control switches, 5TT4 switching relays, 5TT5 Insta contactors, 5TT3 soft-starting devices, 7LF, 5TT3 timers.  
  Siemens Sentron Transformers, Bells and Socket Outlets. 4AC3 bell transformers, 4AC3 safety transformers, 4AC2 power supply units, 5TE6 REG socket outlets.  
  Siemens Sentron Busbar Systems. 40 mm busbar systems, 60 mm busbar systems, Distribution board components, Built-in components.  
  Siemens Sentron Measuring Devices and Power Management. Power management, Measuring devices, 7KM PAC measuring Devices, 7KT PAC measuring devices, Other measuring devices, LAN couplers, Accessories.  
  Siemens Sentron Monitoring Devices. Transfer switches, Monitoring devices for electrical values, Monitoring devices for plants and equipment,Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.  
  Siemens Sentron Software. Planning the power distribution system with SIMARIS, ALPHA SELECT engineering and project management software, Configuring, visualizing and controlling with SIMATIC, Configuring, visualizing and controlling with SENTRON.  
  Siemens Sentron cikk lista.  


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